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Why Alliance

Experience. Passion. Dedication.

Alliance Advisory Group is an independently owned financial services firm headquartered in Buffalo with additional locations in Rochester, Syracuse, and Jamestown.

Our Values

We serve with courage, dedication and passion.

This focus and the commitment to people is more important now than ever before and will only increase in importance as we look ahead.  Other companies, inside or outside our industry, are retreating from people, whether in the form of robo-advisors or the emergence of artificial intelligence, we are doubling down on people.

This unwavering focus on people will take courage and dedication and passion.  Courage in the form of standing firm on our uncommon planning philosophy or courage in the form of making that difficult phone call or courage in the form of beginning a career in a challenging profession.  Dedication to you.  Dedication to growth.  Dedication to accountability.  Dedication to your career and to your clients and dedication to your families.  Passion can take many forms, whether it is love or it is enthusiasm.  Passion fuels me and our vision is for it to fuel each of you to inspire a culture of prosperity in our communities.

Our Commitment to Our Clients

We work tirelessly and with a sense of urgency to provide the level of service, experience, and support you need to help reach your financial objectives and make informed financial decisions that reflect your unique values and goals.

Our Commitment to Our Associates

We invest heavily in the prospect of your success by providing a supportive, open environment that seamlessly welcomes people who are ready to learn, grow, and succeed by mastering our tested financial strategies and systems.

Our Commitment to Our Community

We create a positive impact in our community by embracing the ideals of volunteerism, philanthropy, and outreach and empowering everyone in our organization to lend their skills, talents, and support to non-profit and business advocacy organizations they identify with.