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Our Process


Our first meeting is an opportunity to learn more about your business and objectives. It's also an opportunity for you to meet members of our team and see if there's a fit for us to work together.


Should both parties choose to move forward after the discovery meeting, the client will be responsible for compiling data with our oversight and assistance. This phase will help us craft appropriate recommendations to meet your objectives.


Based on the information gathered at the discovery meeting, and the subsequent data collection, we will draft preliminary recommendations to meet the discussed objectives.


We will work with key decision makers to finalize the plans for implementation and bring in appropriate strategic relationships, as necessary.


Following your direction, employees will be educated on the offerings. Typically, these are con- ducted through a series of small group meetings, followed by individual meetings.

Group meetings allow for thorough explanation of the benefits and any forthcoming changes. Individual meetings allow for individualized questions and afford the employees the opportunity to understand how the benefits fit into their financial world.


We will review the existing strategies annually. In these reviews, we will discuss new developments in the business or marketplace, and discuss what, if any, changes need to be made.


We will provide ongoing education to employees to ensure their understanding of the benefits being offered to them. More importantly, we will help them understand how their benefits coordi- nate with the other pieces of their financial world. This critical link underscores how valuable the employee perceives the benefit to be.