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The success of any good financial services professional is measured by the ability of the advisor to relate to the client with humility. Demonstrating authenticity and an understanding of the value of the relationship is key.  I don’t sell products, I pride myself in providing my clients with a solution driven approach. An ideal client for me is a professional with a commitment to financial planning in order to secure their future well-being and the well-being of those they love.”

Traditional money managers mainly focus on asset accumulation, but my services help to provide protection and tax-conscious retirement saving, which allow for independence, dignity, and a legacy. I help people see their whole financial picture.  My services include retirement planning, annuities, special needs planning, business insurance, executive compensation, and employee benefits. When clients need expertise outside of my core disciplines, I’m their liaison for connecting with other valuable experts.

Your financial situation is anything but one-dimensional, so it’s important to choose an advisor who can coordinate all your unique financial pieces.  My job is to educate people about their options, but ultimately the decisions are theirs. I believe that, “true value is not measured by how much money I make, but by the size of the problem I can solve for my clients.”

Originally from the Utica, NY area, I have been a Rochester native since 1980.  Before transitioning into the financial services profession I spent over 20 years in manufacturing.  My wife Gwen and I enjoy taking our two dogs for walks and spending time at Ridgemont Country Club. I’m an avid golfer.


Registered Representative & Investment Advisor of Park Avenue Securities & Financial Representative of Guardian