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Financial Representative

   Julieann Angie is native to Rochester. She studied English at Alfred University- a degree she believes gives her an edge in communication and conveying complex strategies in uncommon ways. Having started her financial career at AXA Advisors four years ago, Julieann has worked to build her own financial planning practice that centers around promoting body, mind, and financial wellness. In this vein of healthy mind, healthy body, she adds "healthy wallet" to the mix. 

     She creates an environment of confidence, clarity, and daily empowerment by working with professional individuals and young families. She helps proactive individuals with professional self-establishment and growth. While she does not work exclusively with women, Julieann carries a strong mission to specifically empower female individuals by helping them realize the financial strength they already have in their back pocket. Each person she works with is authentically excited about the prospect of getting their own financial picture under control. Personal financial responsibility, self-awareness, and self-empowerment are the base of her practice.

    Julieann rock climbs, skiis, is a member of the Friends of the Webster Public Library, a volunteer for Rochester Animal Services Verona Street Animal Shelter, and part of the Bocce League of Rochester with her family. Julieann is often preceded by her dog, Tumbleweed.

Registered Representative & Finacial Advisor of Park Avenue Securities & Financial Representative of Guardian.