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Julieann Angie

Julieann is the alternate financial advisor for those who are not traditionally numerically inclined and are more creative or artistically oriented.  She creates an environment of confidence, clarity, and daily empowerment by bringing balance back into her clients' financial picture through diversification of wealth and prioritizing liquidity.  Personal financial self-awareness, self-empowerment, and liberating families from incorrect advice about money that is often misguided by sales tactics are the basis of her practice. She loves being the unbiased financial resource for all who feel they have none.

Julieann Angie is native to Rochester. She studied English at Alfred University- a degree she believes gives her an edge in communication and conveying complex financial strategies in uncommon ways. In her free time, Julieann rock climbs, fosters rescue dogs, is a Board of Trustees member for the Webster Public Library, and part of the Bocce League of Rochester with her family. Julieann is often preceded by her dog, Tumbleweed.

Registered Representative & Investment Advisor of Park Avenue Securities & Financial Representative of Guardian